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Welcome Home, Moe Family!

Welcome Home, Moe Family!

Sometimes the process of buying a home can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be! Asking questions and gaining useful knowledge by attending RMDC's Homebuyer Education and Counseling class may give you the confidence to make this life-changing decision to become a homeowner. Don't believe us? Read below about the Moe Family's inspirational journey to homeownership!

"Hi Colleen (Rocky Mountain Development Council)

I am writing to thank you for your help, counseling and setting up of the 1st time home buyers class for me back last March. I actually had no intention of buying a house anytime soon. Part of the reason for taking the course was just to educate myself on the process for the future.

Funny how life works out. I actually bought a house later in October. Because of your help, I was aware of my choices with my outrageously large student loan debt and looking for different types of conventional loans and % down. I was told I could not do what I wanted to do by 2 mortgage loan advisers, but the 2nd one looked into it more and realized that I could get what I was looking into doing. This was huge as my spouse could not be on the loan as his business has not been around for 2 years so it was all on me. And because of the class, I was able to lock in an incredible interest rate early on in the process.

Because we knew about trying the 3% down option, we are in our house having the extra money to finish the basement and have a livable area for our little baby. I just wanted to say thank you. The course was incredible but the session with you was for me the most valuable and educational component. Thank you,

Wishing you the best,
Amanda Moe"

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