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Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)

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Low Income Energy Assistance (LIEAP)

Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) assists low income households meet the expenses of keeping warm during the cold months.

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How Does LIEAP Help?

Those who qualify for LIEAP receive a credit to their utility account.

If a household has a heating emergency, LIEAP can help with heat system repairs and replacements. All heating types (wood, coal, etc.) and home types (renters) qualify for LIEAP assistance.

Who Is Eligible for LIEAP?

Eligibility for weatherization and fuel assistance is based on your income and assets. Please refer to the State of Montana website for the current LIEAP Income Guidelines which are updated around October 1 of each year. 

If your entire household receives benefits from the SNAP Program, your LIEAP Application process may be drastically simplified.

Application Requirements

Submitting an incomplete application or not submitting required documentation will delay the application process. Documents you will need to include with your application:

  1. Copies of verification for the prior 6 months of income from wages and all other sources for ALL household members, regardless of age. Examples: Child Support; All Wage Stubs; Unemployment Payment Stubs; Workman’s Compensation Payment Stubs; Social Security or SSI letters; Public Assistance/TANF/SNAP Benefit Statement; Section 8/Utility Payments; Alimony Payments; Veterans’ Benefits Statements; Self-Employment Forms with Schedule C Tax Form; Gift and Loan Forms.
  2. Current statement for all resources listed in Section 7 of the LIEAP application.
  3. Recent fuel bill that shows name and number on account.
  4.  Recent bank statement of all accounts; all pages.

How Do I Apply?

Heating assistance is available below during the heating season, October 1 through April 30 of each year.

You can apply for weatherization, or for assistance with an unsafe condition in your home's primary space or water heating system, at any time throughout the year by contacting Energy Services at (406) 447-1625. If you are approved for LIEAP during the normal heating season (October 1- April 30 each year) you are automatically made eligible for the Weatherization Assistance Program (See Weatherization Program) and for assistance with no-heat emergencies. 

Application Tips

  • You must list ALL household members regardless of age or relationship, including roommates, boarders, etc.
  • You must provide income verification for ALL household members, regardless of age or relationship.
  • You must provide Social Security numbers for ALL household members, regardless of age or relationship.
  • You must provide statements for ALL open bank accounts of ALL household members, regardless of the balance or usage of the account.
  • ALL household members 16 years of age and older must sign the application.
  • All sections of the application must be complete.
  • If you need assistance filling out the application or have questions, please call us at (406) 447-1625.

LIEAP Application

Applications for each season can be submitted beginning October 1 through April 30. Pre-printed applications to those households who received a LIEAP benefit last season will be mailed on the following schedule:

  • Households using deliverable fuels (propane, fuel oil, coal) - applications will be mailed to households on September 1 of that year.
  • Households on fixed incomes (Social Security, Pension) - pre-printed applications will be mailed to households in mid-September.
  • Remainder of households who received a LIEAP benefit last season will have their pre-printed application mailed to them on October 1 of that year.

More Information About LIEAP

All records and information provided by you or obtained through verification are confidential and are not available to the public. You will be sent a letter of notification. It will tell you whether you are eligible for assistance and what benefits you may expect to receive.

If you think you haven’t received the right amount of assistance, inform the eligibility worker immediately. You may ask for a hearing if you disagree with any action taken as a result of your application.

These are equal opportunity programs. If you believe you’ve been discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, age, sex, marital status, disability, political beliefs, or religion, write or call the state Office of Fair Hearings, P.O. Box 202953, Helena MT 59620-2953; 406-444-2470.

NorthWestern Energy Discount

If you qualify for LIEAP, you automatically receive the following NorthWestern Energy discounts. The year-round discount begins when you sign up and qualify for LIEAP.

  • Electric Service – Income-qualified customers will receive a 25% discount on their NorthWestern Energy electric bill from November of that year through April of that year; after May of that year, the discount will be 15%.
  • Gas Service – Income-qualified customers will receive a 30% discount on their NorthWestern Energy gas bill from November through April of that year.

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