Senior Commodities

Pictured: Larry and Walter distributing senior commodities in Boulder, Montana.

Senior Commodities

RMDC’s Nutrition staff manages the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) in Lewis & Clark, Broadwater, Powell, Meagher and Jefferson Counties. Through CSFP, senior citizens can receive regular allocations every other month of free food to supplement their own food purchases. Locations for pickup vary among the communities that RMDC serves, but are publicized locally. Commodities often include canned fruit, vegetables, meals, juice, cereals, dry milk, evaporated milk, cheese, pasta, beans, and peanut butter.


The program intends to assist seniors on fixed incomes by providing better nutrition and extending budgets for prescriptions and other regular fixed costs. The program provides nutrition education information as well.


Recipients must be Montana residents, 60 years or older and meet an income requirement.

Commodities Schedule

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