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Medicare - Information about health care providers, Medicare coverage, switching prescription drug plans, and more.

Medicare Interactive - Provides information on Medicare in an easier to understand manner.

Medicare Advocacy - Provide Medicare education and advocacy to older adults and individuals with disabilities.


Health and Wellness

We have had requests for Tai Chi videos so that people can keep up on their Tai Chi until in-person classes resume.

There are many Tai Chi videos available on YouTube. If you don’t enjoy the following ones, try others until you find one you like. Here are several developed by Dr. Paul Lam. At one point he partnered with the Arthritis Foundation to demonstrate Tai Chi exercises with the main goal of lessening arthritis pain.

Tai Chi for Arthritis Video | Dr Paul Lam | Free Lesson and Introduction

Tai Chi for Arthritis (Part 2) Video | Dr Paul Lam | Free Lesson and Introduction

Tai Chi for Beginners Video | Dr Paul Lam | Free Lesson and Introduction

Tai Chi for Energy Video | Dr Paul Lam | Free Lesson and Introduction

If you would prefer an in-person, virtual Tai Chi class, Senior Planet currently offers a Tai Chi class through zoom each Friday. Enter “Tai Chi” into the search bar at the following link: Click “Search” and once the results appear, scroll down until the Tai Chi classes are visible. When I did the search, the recurring Tai Chi classes were four down (and beyond) in the results. The picture next to the description is of a man in a yellow shirt doing Tai Chi in a park.

If Tai Chi is not your thing, Senior Planet also offers other exercise classes and stretching sessions through zoom. See the following link for current offerings:

5 Immune Boosters to Keep You Healthy

Free On-Line Nutrition and Cooking Classes Open For Registration

Free Online Cooking Classes Open for Registration


Public Programs - Apply for public benefits such as SNAP, Medicaid, the Medicare Savings Program, etc.

Montana Legal Services Association - As a private, non-profit law firm, MLSA provides non-criminal legal information, advice, and representation to thousands of Montanans each year. MLSA’s services help fight scams on seniors, assist veterans who have been denied their earned benefits, help people escape abusive relationships, and represent families living in unsafe housing conditions.

FEMA to Help Pay Funeral Costs for COVID-19-Related Deaths - In early April, FEMA will begin providing financial assistance for funeral expenses incurred after Jan. 20, 2020 for deaths related to coronavirus (COVID-19) to help ease some of the financial stress and burden caused by the pandemic. The policy was finalized today, and FEMA is now moving rapidly to implement this funeral assistance program nationwide.


Alzheimer's and Dementia

Aging with Pride: IDEA - .  IDEA is a study offering a free program for individuals with memory loss and their caregivers. Either the person with memory loss or their caregiver must be LGBTQ. The program includes nine individualized sessions with a trained coach and focuses on problem solving, improving communication, and low impact exercise. The sessions are virtual, using easy video chatting.

The Rural Dementia Caregiver Project - The Rural Dementia Caregiver Project seeks to help caregivers of people with memory loss learn new skills and improve their health. It is a research study of the University of California, San Francisco.

Alzheimer's & Dementia E-News

Effective Communication Strategies via Zoom

Alzheimer's Association December 2021 Update

Alzheimer's Association October 2021 Update

Alzheimer's Association July 2021 Update

Alzheimer's Association June 2021 Update

Alzheimer's Association May 2021 Update

Alzheimer's Association April 2021 Update

Alzheimer's Association March 2021 Update

Alzheimer's Association February 2021 Update

Alzheimer's Association January 2021 Update


Tech Corner

ConnectSafely - ConnectSafely is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about safety, privacy, security and digital wellness. Their resources include research-based safety tips, parents’ guidebooks, advice, news and commentary on all aspects of tech use and policy.

AARP MT, Cyber Security Video Workshop, 4/27/21 - Join AARP Montana’s free video workshop and gain the tools you need to spot and avoid online fraud. We'll share tips you can use to protect yourself and your family. You’ll learn the six steps you can take to keep your information personal and secure when browsing the web and much more.

May_2021_Phishing_and_Spoofing - Just like with regular fishing, when phishing the criminals are baiting a hook to catch you. Phishing is a technique of sending an email intending to trick you into clicking on a malicious link or downloading an attachment potentially laced with malware.


AARP - For more than 60 years AARP has been here to educate, serve and fight for older Americans. Resources are available to help you stay healthy and informed.

AARP Virtual Community Calendar - FREE interactive online events and classes designed for learning, self-improvement, and fun.

Virtual Connections - Brings together a wide variety of available educational, entertaining, or health related programs on one website to make them easier to explore and access.

Senior Planet - Provides a variety of resources geared towards older adults. Also has a technology help-line.

AARP MT, Helena NeighborWalk September 8-October 13 - AARP Montana is offering you a fun and safe way to establish a walking habit and to share the experience with others during a weekly video chat. Even if you already walk regularly, it could be fun to join this group and connect “virtually” with others in our community. You’ll walk alone, but you won’t be alone.

Old School - Old School is a clearinghouse of free and carefully vetted resources to educate people about ageism and help dismantle it. You’ll find blogs, books, articles, videos, speakers, and other tools (workshops, handouts, curricula etc.) that are accessible to the general public.

AARP Concert Series - Join AARP Montana and attendees from across the U.S. for these free concerts livestreamed for you to watch from the comfort of your own home.

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